Online & In Person Worship Services

SUNDAY:  10:30 AM 

Ministry in the New Normal

Our Activities are limited during this season

The campus is usually used all week long with ministry and outside groups. Due to the nature of this pandemic, we are limiting campus usage and activities.  No additional outside groups will be permitted to meet on campus until restrictions are lifted by Santa Clara County.

Our Services are continuing online and In Person!

We are able to regather outside with guidelines in place. Please follow health guidelines and use your discernment as you decide whether to join us physically or digitally.

Connect with us and give us a way to contact you. We are here this community and together we will see God do a mighty work!


Online Service links are found on our website Here:

Our Message at this moment.

God is enthroned over the flood (Psalm 29:10)! We look to Him and His help at this moment. 

He is not startled and His power is not diminished. We are trusting Him and praising Him through the pandemic and problems of our day. 

Join us in Praying that God will heal our world, glorify Himself and use us in this moment. 


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Get Social


During this season we are celebrating with our children. It is our joy to see families worshipping together. We encourage parents to bring their children and we will practice patience and grace to each other as many of our young ones are learning how to be involved in a worship service. 
We had already made it an ongoing practice to include our children in the larger ministry of the church and we get to celebrate with them now. 

Parents, you and your children are welcome and wanted in our gatherings.  

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