What We Believe

Open Bible with hand.

We believe that God loves you.
He loved you so much that He sent his son to make it possible for every man and woman to know God, and spend eternity with Him.

In the gospel of John, the third chapter, a religious leader went to see Jesus one night. This holy man wanted to learn from Jesus. As they talked Jesus told him that if he wanted to enter the Kingdom of God (Heaven, and being God’s Child), he would have to be born again.

This naturally confused the teacher. It was a new and difficult idea to grasp. Jesus assured him, that this is not a physical rebirth. He was invited to be spiritually reborn, and this time as God’s child, apart of God’s family.

Jesus explains how we can be reborn. And today I want you to know that Jesus is inviting you to be reborn into his family.

God wants you to be forgiven and have eternal life.

If you are ready, you can pray to God like many of us have.

I have made many mistakes, and I have lived a life that is not perfect. Please forgive me. I am ready to receive this gift you offer, and I want to learn to follow you, and your son. Thank you for accepting me into your family.
I pray this in Jesus’ name.   – Amen”

We are so excited to help you as you follow Jesus.

Come and join us again as together we Discover how much God Loves us, Uncover the God’s promises for our life, and Recover the life we were created for.

If you have more questions about our theology, beliefs and practices, the following link will help you: http://www.sbc.net/aboutus/basicbeliefs.asp

It’s called the Baptist Faith and Message, and points out what scripture teaches us about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Life.

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